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Welcome To Mykonos Weddings

We are here to translate your vision into reality, with enthusiasm and professionalism, in the most cosmopolitan and beautiful island of the world… Mykonos!

Who We Are

Mykonos Weddings is one of the oldest and most credible wedding planners in Greece.

We are a 360ο wedding services agency that knows each and every secret on how to plan the most successful weddings and other events on the beautiful island of Mykonos.

With years of experience in wedding and honeymoon planning, we can assure you that we will transform your dream into reality by creating a totally magical experience for you and your guests so that the only thing you will have to do is live it to the full extent!

Our philosophy is to work together with you as a team in order to fully understand your needs and design a wedding package totally tailored to your requirements.
Mykonos Weddings offers high-quality services, including consulting and legal assistance with high professionalism, creativity, and top aesthetics.

Our best assets are:

-our long experience in organizing all sorts of events

-our deep knowledge of the island of Mykonos

-our capability to locate and hire the best professionals in every field

-access to the best restaurants, hotels -resorts, and transportation in Mykonos


We will stay by your side all along the way; from the very first meeting to the “goodbyes” at the airport, making sure that we reach perfection in every step and create the most magnificent atmosphere that you will remember and talk about for a lifetime.

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