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Who we are

Mykonos Weddings is one of the oldest and most credible wedding planners in Greece. We are a 360o events services agency that knows each and every secret on how to plan the most successful weddings and other events on the beautiful island of Mykonos.

Planning Experience

With many years of experience in wedding, honeymoon planning and other events, we can assure you that we will transform your dream into reality, by creating a totally magical experience for you and your guests, so that the only thing you will have to do is live it to the full extent!

Mykonos Weddings offers high-quality services, including consulting and legal assistance with high professionalism, creativity, and top aesthetics. Our best assets are:

  • our deep knowledge of the island of Mykonos
  • our long experience in organizing all sorts of events
  • our capability to locate and hire the best professionals in every field
  • access to the best restaurants, hotels, resorts, and transportation services in Mykonos


My name is Aggelika and, in case you are looking for someone to turn your dream event into reality, I am the one you need. My team and I are dedicated to make your event day perfect and memorable for a lifetime!

But first things first — a few words about myself, that is. Mykonos is my second home, as I have spent there all of my summers since I was a newborn. I love planning there any sort of events, no event is too small or too big for me. I also believe in working only with the very best. From photographers and set designers, to florists and booking artists, I and my team are collaborative, creative and – always and without exception – cool under pressure.

Also, for me, being obsessive about details is, well, being normal. Ι love flowers, so I got specialized in them. This way, I am able to be the connecting link between you and the florist, to make the perfect bridal bouquet, art de la table, arch etc.

Sure, it takes a lot of time and attention to organize everything carefully, but for our team, nothing else matters than creating the perfect event! In my free time, when I am not practicing sky/scuba diving (not crazy, I promise), I love to read, chat with locals and visitors and, of course, travel. Who are my best friends? Pinterest and my agenda!


Hello, my name is Sophia and Ι am definitely here for the party!

I am the one you need when you are nervous or anxious about your Special Day; so cheer up and let me take care of everything!

I love seeing happy people, with big smiles, dancing and singing. That’s why Ι’m taking seriously the details of your party, the music and the dance floor… Just leave it all in my hands!

Having spent the last years in the most magical place on Earth, Mykonos, I now feel ready to share my knowledge about this beautiful island and help you live the experience like a local, making sure that you will remember this day forever!

In other news, I like to travel, learn more about new cultures, make new friends, new memories — and I have always a good story to share! I am spontaneous, a food lover and enjoy laughing with all my heart.

Oh, and one more thing: I am secretly romantic and I love happy endings…
So let’s make some memories together and new stories to tell!

Mykonos Weddings Team

We love Mykonos. We love weddings. So, Mykonos Weddings it is! In our team, different people may work on different things at different times; but everyone is part of a beautiful whole and we know how to complete each other. What’s our common ground? We want to make each and every event unique, like no other. And there’s only one way for us to achieve this: to feel like each event is our own event; like it’s our wedding, our baby’s baptism, our party.

In our team, of course, there’s always space for one more: you! We want you and we need you to become part of the Mykonos Weddings team and help us create your best moments together. We’ll stay by your side all along the way, from the very first meeting to the “goodbyes” at the airport, making sure that we reach perfection in every step and create the most magnificent atmosphere that you will remember and talk about for a lifetime!

We only have one strict rule: we don’t compromise with mediocrity.
We want perfection.

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