Civil Wedding

The service can be held
at the historical Town Hall of Mykonos.

Many think that a civil wedding is a rather boring and informal ceremony that involves a quick exchange of vows in an impersonal room of an equally impersonal public building. In our case things are a bit different as the town hall of Mykonos is a beautiful, old edifice, constructed in 1785 with the purpose to serve as the residence of Ivan Voinovich, a Russian Count. Overlooking the coastal road of Hora, the island’s main town, the town hall hosts rare and rich collections of historical books and manuscripts.

Just opposite to its entrance there is the small Orthodox Church of St. Nicolas, saint of the sailors, with the typical blue colored dome, typical of the Cycladic architecture.
Civil weddings can be arranged there 2 days per week and the wedding certificate is valid all over the world. Choices on how to celebrate this unique occasion are endless, including from a mouthwatering lunch in one of the ports tavernas to an elegant buffet on board a mega yacht sailing towards Delos Island for the most famous sunset of the Aegean.