5 Beach Wedding Favors Ideas

Wedding favors are the perfect way to give some love back to your guests!

But how this tradition started?

Wedding favors were really common among European aristocrats and used to be called bonbonnieres.  Over the years, the content of the bonbonniere evolved from sugar cubes to almonds to sugared almonds. The latest version of the bonbonniere contains 5 sugared almonds, which represent fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness. Nowadays, this tradition has changed and newlyweds give gifts to their guests, known as wedding favors.

Wedding favors are a big part of your wedding planning, as they are something that your guests will keep forever.

Below, we gathered for you some beach wedding favors ideas that your guest will love!


5 beach wedding favors ideas to delight your guests


1.  Sunglasses

Sunglasses are usually the first gift idea when you think of a beach wedding. You can use colorful sunglasses or just black and white.


2.  Personalized Fans

A gift that guests can immediately use is a fan! You could write your initials on them and choose them to be in the colors of your wedding.


3.  Beach Essentials

Why not gather some ‘beach essentials’ in a small cute bag? For example, it can contain a sunscreen, an after sun gel and a hair protection spray. Extra tip: Remove their labels and print your own custom wedding labels!


4.  Beach Towels

A very useful gift idea is to give beach towels to your guests. They can be printed in any color that you want and they definitely are a gift that your guests will keep!


5.  Beach Ball

Create a wedding favor just for the kids at your wedding. Choose a beach ball in the colors of your wedding and write a quote on them — or even the name of each kid!



Which one of them would you like to incorporate into your wedding?