5 Unique Flower Girl Gifts Ideas

Are you looking for something more special for your Flower Girl gifts? We gathered 5 unique gifts for all ages, to say ‘thank you’ to your cutest wedding attendants!

Personalized Jewelry

An all-time classic gift, suitable for girls of all ages: jewelry! Consider adding her name or initials on a bracelet or even a necklace and there you have it; a unique, personalized keepsake!


Personalized Book

For your littlest flower girls, you can choose an inspiring book for their first words! Help them learn something new with a personalized book about them. Definitely a gift that both the kid and their parents will love!


Picture by: uncommon goods

Eternal Rose

Searching for a gift which will last for a lifetime? Why not choose an Eternal Rose? A colorful gift that will always remind your special girl of that time she was a flower girl at your wedding.

Tip: Ask your florist to write her name on it to add a more personal touch!

Picture by: Lazada

Instant Camera

Does your flower girl love photography? What a better gift then, than an Instant Camera? Choose one at her favorite color and you will definitely see her face light up when she sees it!

Tip: Give her this present at the wedding reception, so she can also capture your wedding; and don’t forget to take a selfie with it!


Smartphone Accessories Set

For your teen flower girls that love technology and their smartphones, you can create a Smartphone Accessories Set. This set could include a Power Bank, a Portable Speaker, and a Camera Lens Kit, to help them make the most out of their smartphone cameras.

Tip: Do you want to make this gift more personal? Give your flower girl the Accessories set placed inside a wooden box with her name carved on it!


Which one of these Flower Girl gifts would you choose?