Orthodox Wedding

There is something mystical, almost magical to a Greek Orthodox Wedding. First of all the hundreds of churches in Mykonos –some say that there are as many on the island as the days in a year!- are a tourist attraction on their own. Usually small and whitewashed, with typical blue domes, they are lit by dozens of candles that highlight beautiful wall paintings and holy icons, offering thus an atmosphere of serenity and devoutness, ideal for those who want to pray or meditate.

Some of the churches are very old but the majority is dated to the 17th, 18th and 19th century. Several of the older ones have been declared by the Ministry of Culture as protected historical monuments. As far as the wedding ceremony is concerned, even if you are not Orthodox, it is worth to attend the typical Greek wedding ceremony that includes the service of betrothal, the crowning of the couple, drinking the holy wine from the same cup, the ceremonial “dance”, led by the priest, the best man (“koumparos”) and/or the maid of honor (“koumpara”) and the psalms that seem to reach the blue skies above. Orthodox weddings can take place every day, usually in the afternoon due to the high temperatures during morning and noon, and can end with an unforgettable beach party, a reception in a luxury resort and much more.