Beauty Exfoliating Home Skin Mask, made with Organic Ingredients

Tips: Homemade Organic Exfoliating Mask
Exfoliate your skin at home 3 days before your wedding with the following:

  1. If you have oily skin:

    In a coffee cup add:
    organic oats
    fresh organic lemon juice
    organic honey

    Μix well all the ingredients until the mixture is sticky enough to stick on your skin. To achieve this add some extra oats and a few drops of water if needed. By using 80% of the mask, make a normal to thick layer all over your skin and leave it for 1 hour until it dries. Rub it off and rinse it off with cold water. Then take the remaining mask and add 2 tablespoons of pure organic brown sugar and gently massage the mixture all over your face. Rinse again with cold water.

    After this, you can use half of an egg white as a face mask by putting a thin layer of the egg on your face for 20 minutes. Rinse again with cold water. This treatment will make your skin look fresh and radiant.

  2. If you have dry or normal skin:

    Use the same ingredients as above but instead of lemon juice use organic extra virgin olive oil.

Don’t forget: Apart from this Exfoliating Mask, wear your favorite light moisturizer face and eye cream especially the night before your wedding so your skin looks fuller and radiant. When your skin is moisturized, makeup is applied smoothlier.