Trash the Dress: the hot new trend!

Trash the dress is a hot new trend in wedding photography, also known as “fearless bride”. This style of photography is the opposite of elegant clothing photography after the wedding.

In “trash the dress” photography, the couple goes to rather unconventional places, like garbage dumps, abandoned buildings, factories, fields, waterfalls etc.  The newlyweds wrestle in the mud, go hiking and visit whatever location can cause damage to the dress.

Not much into adventure?

No worries!

There are also softer versions of this trend, like playing in a fountain, jumping into a lake, jumping into a piece of leaves or standing in the waves.

What’s the point of  “Trash the Dress” photography?

The point of this alternative kind of wedding photography is to show an entirely different style of photography against the traditional way that’s been used for decades. Unlike the classic, conventional style, in this photography the bride and groom should have a grand time and get their wedding clothes dirty, wet or even destroy them, wearing them in extreme circumstances.

Think about it: why keep your gown in the wardrobe after use, when you can use it in so many creative ways to express yourself?

Why “fearless bride”?

The term “fearless bride” makes sense if we imagine the panic that a damaged wedding dress can spread to a bride!  Usually, wedding dresses are a memento of huge importance, but in this kind of photography, the bridal gown is used just like any other dress.

In a few words, “trash the dress” is a different way of how brides and grooms express themselves. This new trend is an unusual, yet creative way to wear and treat your wedding dress no matter the damage it will suffer, in order to have an amazing wedding album like no other!

Would you try it?