Maximalism Wedding Style

Maximalism Wedding Style is the exact opposite of minimalism, which was last year’s major wedding trend. 2019 is the year of maximalism and the slogan is “more is more” rather than “less is more”!

How to nail the Maximalism Wedding style?

First of all, the goal of this wedding style is to make your presence known! As a bride, you should wear an extravagant and remarkable wedding dress. The flowers should be of many colors and of different types.


It is very important to show a gorgeous excess with your choices. Even the table setting should be decorated accordingly! Candles, lights, many cloth layers of different fabrics will give your wedding a luxurious touch.

Every part of your wedding decoration has to exude lavishness, redundancy, and glamour. Dramatic floral installations and plenty of color patterns will help you achieve this wedding style.

 Do you want something more special?

A great idea is to combine the Maximalism Wedding Style with a Moroccan flair. The vibrant textiles, the hanging lanterns and the opulence of the Moroccan style express the essence of maximalist wedding style!


Last but not least, remember: there are no good and bad choices as long as the wedding style you choose is depending on your personal taste and style. The important thing is to choose the style that suits you best and highlights your true self!