Pre-Wedding Nutrition

You may have planned your wedding, with the best wedding planner on earth but looking amazing is every bride’s concern. Shine like a star on your wedding day with our tips on what to eat and do before, for fabulous, healthy-looking clear skin.

Everything is ready, you are getting married and of course, you want to look stunning on camera. Every bride’s wish is her friends and guests to admire her looks. Here’s what to eat to avoid stress, blemishes, and break-outs on your wedding day!

Pre-Wedding Nutrition DAY 1

1. Drink plenty of water and tea (herbal, green and black tea) 2L of water every day! It’s better to take a big bottle of water with you.
2. For breakfast, have a fruit salad (organic fruits preferably).
3. Before lunch have some nuts and raisins or an organic oat bar.

4. Lunchtime: rice with avocado, beans or lentils with freshly squeezed lemon and cilantro.
5. In the afternoon, a banana or your favorite fruit / 5 pieces of walnuts.

6. Grilled/Boiled vegetables with egg whites, 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 small freshly squeezed lemon.
7. That’s it for the day! If you are hungry, you can have a small organic yogurt with some honey and cinnamon or 3 small pieces of dark chocolate.

Pre-Wedding Nutrition DAY 2

pre-wedding-nutrition (2)

1. Drink a freshly squeezed juice. Take with you a 2L bottle to consume within the day.
2. A small slice of brown bread with butter, honey, and a banana.

3. Brown pasta with tomato sauce.
4. In the afternoon, enjoy a hot chocolate made without white sugar. Add some honey or 1 spoon of brown sugar.

5. A vegetable soup (make your own quick recipe: boil water and add seasonal vegetables, 4 tomatoes, 2 onions, 2 red, and 2 green peppers, add some Himalayan salt and some pepper, as well as 3 slices of feta cheese in the soup. Your soup is ready in 5′ minutes!)
6. A glass of wine to relax… Your big day is almost there!

Pre-Wedding Nutrition DAY 3


1. Pineapple slices for breakfast and plenty of water and tea (remember to take a 2L bottle with you to consume within the day)!
2. A toast with honey and butter.
3. A banana.

4. A big salad with seasonal vegetables.
5. Organic tea or organic hot chocolate

6. Your favourite pasta/spaghetti with olives and tomatoes (very light on the cheese).
7. A glass of wine.


✔ Avoid completely or try to it eat a very small portion of meat, fish and dairy products 3-4 days before your wedding; especially if you have oily skin with pores or blemishes!
✔ Avoid take-away and fast food—anything too salty or too spicy!
✔ Exercise for 1 hour daily and if you can spend 5 minutes in a Hamam or Steam Room it will help you relax