Discover ‘Little Venice’ in Mykonos…

One of the most picturesque and popular places on the island is ‘Little Venice’ or Alefkandra. This district looks like a small peninsula in the western part of Mykonos Town.

Two-storey Venetian houses and other houses that belonged to wealthy merchants and captains in the 18th century, were literally built into the sea. It is said that the pirates unloaded their booty through the sea-level doors.

The architecture of Little Venice is simply magnificent, with the colorful verandas and wooden balconies literally being washed by the waves! This whole scenery is truly unique and it mesmerizes visitors with its incredible beauty.

When the sun sets, the trendy cafés and bars transform Little Venice into a buzzy and vibrant spot, full of life.




Opposite Little Venice stand the whitewashed Windmills, trademark of the island, overlooking the blue colors of the Aegean Sea.

Wherever you choose to spend your evening, beautiful Mykonos Town or ‘Chora’ will reward you at every step!