Sand Ceremony

The sand ceremony symbolizes the joining of the bride and the groom and the beginning of a new family.

The pouring of different-colored grains of ‘unity sand’ together also means the joining of their families and a lifelong commitment to each other.

Sand Ceremony Steps

The ceremony starts with two separate vases with sand (of a different color) that symbolize your separate lives and choices before you found your other half. Every color has its own meaning and it is very important to be selected thoroughly in order to express the feelings of each person and their personal traits. Colors are said that tell a lot about our personality and our life choices!

If you’re having a religious wedding, consider beginning by pouring the white sand first in the empty glass vessel, which according to religion represents God as a foundation of your marriage.
Next comes the groom who pours his colored sand in the glass vessel and afterward comes the bride.

After the couple’s turn, other members of the family could also pour sand in the vessel, always of a different color.

If the sand ceremony includes only the couple then, after each other’s turn, they start pouring their sand at the same time in order to create a new color!


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