5 alternative ways to “Toss the bouquet”

The toss of the wedding bouquet is a tradition that originated in England. Hundreds of years ago, wedding guests thought that touching the bride, her dress and the wedding bouquet would bring them good luck. This belief often caused discomfort to the brides. In order to avoid this, they started tossing their bouquet and run away from the crowd.

Over time, this tradition has changed. Nowadays, brides toss the bouquet at the single ladies of the wedding and, by that, they pass the good luck to the one that catches it, as she will get married soon!

Do you want to add a twist to your ‘toss the bouquet’ moment? Here are some ideas.

Discover 5 alternative ways to “Toss the bouquet”


1.  Breakaway Bouquet

A simple alternative is to surprise all the single ladies at your wedding, by using a breakaway bouquet. This type of wedding bouquet will split in smaller bouquets as you toss it, and more of your friends will have the opportunity to catch one!

2.  Bouquet in a Box

You can lock your wedding bouquet in a box and give different keys to the ladies at your wedding. Let each one of them try to open the box and discover who has chosen the right key!


Picture by Ivan Buštor Photography


Extra Tip: Don’t like the idea of a box? Use a cage or a chest instead!


3.  Cut the Ribbons

Attach ribbons to your wedding bouquet and each of your friends should choose one ribbon without you watching. Put your favorite song on, and start cutting the ribbons until only one is still attached to the wedding bouquet.

Extra tip: This alternative could give you some colorful pictures with all your friends!


4.  Share a Flower

Gather all the ladies on the dance floor and give each one of them a flower from your wedding bouquet!

Extra Tip: Say something special to each lady while you give them the flower, like a special memory you share or how they helped you with your wedding


5.  Give the Bouquet

Instead of tossing your bouquet, choose a friend family member or even a couple you want and give them your bouquet and “pass-through” the good luck! You could choose your maid of honor, your grandmother or a couple that is getting married soon!


Which one of these alternative ways to “Toss the bouquet” would you choose?