4 Wedding Tips

Discover 4 wedding tips for a perfect wedding!


  1. Rehearsal dinner: One of the most irritating things at weddings is sitting in the wrong seats at the reception. It is a fact that nobody wants to sit at the same table with a stranger! The solution? A rehearsal dinner a few days or the day before the wedding can work as a life jacket! Your friends and families will get to know each other and they (and you) will feel more comfortable on your Big Day!


  1. Canapés: In general, there is a time gap between the end of the wedding ceremony and the beginning of the reception, because you want to take commemorative photographs. During this time, you have to make sure that the guests will not be bored. The best way to occupy them is—of course—FOOD! Some romantic music playing in the background, welcome drinks and canapés will give you all the time you need.


  1. A few proposals: Yes, we also think that proposals are one of the best things at a wedding. They give a romantic touch and everybody gets emotionally involved in your happiness. You just need to make sure that the proposals will be in a small range and comprehensive.


  1. Relax: This is YOUR Big Day. Don’t stress about the others; the V.I.P. for this day is you! So relax, drink a glass of champagne and just enjoy every moment!