Bridal Makeup

Bridal makeup is a very important issue for every bride. No matter how fashion-conscious a woman is, she wants to be stunning on her wedding day! This makes sense because in every wedding the bride is the center of attention.

Every season, many wedding dresses come up in different styles and trends. The same happens with shoes, even hairstyles, and makeup; and the more trends come up, the more brides are stressed!

The important thing that has to be understood by every bride is to embrace herself; her inner beauty.

A bridal makeup depends on the bride’s skin tone, hair color, and dress, but much more depends on the bride’s personality.


What type of bridal makeup should I choose?

Every woman has her own beauty and on her special day, she should emphasize on pointing out her beautiful characteristics. Bridal makeup should express the style of the bride not only for that specific day but her style in general. A modest woman with no everyday makeup routine cannot make a full glam bridal makeup with extreme contour and highlight and false lashes, because she will not be herself in this look, even if she is beautiful in it.

A nice idea that’s not far from the bride’s makeup habits is the makeup artist to do a little more intense makeup than the bride uses to do every day. A soft smokey eye look, a sun-kissed skin that glows from within and lip color in soft pink or peach tones will do amazing work and will boost the bride’s self-confidence!


Finally, another reason why a bride should not differ on her wedding day than any other night out is that in 20 years from now, when she goes back to her wedding photographs, we want her makeup to be classy and stylish and not just an old-fashioned trend.


Get inspired by trends and combine them with your own style, don’t just follow them; you are beautiful either way!