Bridal Nails

Bridal nails play an important role in the beauty industry and they are a category of their own. Bridal nails come to many different sizes, shapes, and techniques; from classic square-shaped to ballerina-shaped or from the oval-shaped to the almond-shaped ones.

Moreover, there are many alternatives to the techniques that are used, like semi-permanent nail polishes and acrylic nails that are classic methods. A new entry is also the acrygel technique, which combines the advantages of gel and acrylic.

No matter how long or short your nails are, with the appropriate technique you can have whatever nail design you can imagine on your wedding day! Nowadays, nail professionals are more like real artists with designs in all shapes and colors. From plain French manicure to the new “baby boomer” trend and with the use of colorful glitter and strass (even Swarovski ones), your nails clearly could be a showstopper!

Bridal Nails Trends

The most frequently used bridal nail designs are different variations of French manicure (depending on your chosen nail shape), classic white nails with some details of color or strass that can be combined with your overall wedding decoration (wedding bouquet’s color) or soft pink/peach-colored nails with small details of white color in the shape of flowers.

Designs are literally endless and with the power of your imagination, you can create amazing, true state-of-the-art nails! One thing you should have in mind is that your overall look should be in harmony. If your wedding dress is not a fancy one, then your nail design must follow this style!

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