4 Eco-friendly Wedding Invitations Ideas

Eco-friendly wedding is a hot trend right now but we should acknowledge the fact that environmentally speaking, it’s the best thing to do. Discover how to incorporate this trend at your wedding, starting with Eco-friendly Wedding Invitations! After all, eco-friendly doesn’t mean less beautiful or pretty!

One of the key elements of your wedding is the wedding invitation. We gathered 4 special ideas for your wedding invitations in order to be eco-friendly.

4 ideas for eco-friendly wedding invitations

    1. Use recycled paper or paper that is made from hemp or bamboo! This will not only benefit the environment —and your pocket— but it’s also very “boho” style!
      picture by easil
  1. Instead of paper, use the mail invitation! A modern and affordable idea!
    picture by punchbowl
  2. Use modern-day technology and create your own wedding website! By using an easy-to-use platform you can create a page with all the wedding details, gallery, etc, and send the wedding invitations online. Furthermore, you can collect all confirmation emails in one place!
  3. For last, we saved you the best idea: plantable wedding invitations! These invitations are embedded with native flower seeds, which your guests can see grow while protecting the environment at the same time!

    picture by Charlie


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