The rise of the bridesmen and the groomsgals trend

Have you ever thought of standing next to your brother on his wedding day although you are a girl? Probably not, because until today the only term we knew as far as the groom’s best friend is concerned was best man or groomsman — but guess what; things have changed! Now you can proudly stand next to your loved ones no matter your gender because the new hot trend about weddings is the bridesmen and the groomsgals trend!

How the bridesmen and the groomsgals trend started?

The sparking of this wedding trend occurred by the need of the brides and the grooms to have next to them, on their special day, their truly loved ones and not the ones that the tradition obliged to them. Some girls have more male friends than female; it’s not uncommon. The same thing is also true for men whose close friends are mostly females.

Moreover, traditionally the groom’s sister or the bride’s brother couldn’t stand next to their family because of their different gender. But at the end of the day, a wedding is all about love and happiness. This is the reason why everything has changed and this is why this new trend came up!


The need to be next to your family and to people that love you the most triggered this rising trend in weddings. Also, the groomsgals and bridesmen trend is proof that friendship is not about the same gender; it’s about the real bond between people, mutual love and caring.

Enjoy your wedding day and have next to you whoever makes you feel special — you know who they are!